HardTrip.blog & company

Hey, hi, how are ya? Welcome to the HTB. Lets face it I don’t like to write but I figured that I bought this website domain I might as well try and figure it out. A little bit about the HTB first off, I am gonna remain anonymous for the sake of entertainment. Secondly, I love music and want to have a better catalog of the music I like and why I like it. third and most importantly create a website designed around the interests, hobbies, weird events of the hard trip.

The Hard Trip, is defined as the domain of my existence in Eugene Oregon. a room which has inspired hustlers and drained the life of many who fall into the crevice past 3:00 a.m. With walls covered by iconic Guns & Roses posters to Dave Grohl and Kurt Cobain that smell like teen spirit and mokes. The wooden floors lining the hard trip have endured more spit, booze, and coffee spills than a brothel. The Big Red Couch is a staple and part of the core identity of the room. But my personal favorite is the endless barrage of electronic amenities. Which is the icing on the cake, including but not limited to: 2 tv’s, 1 60 watt heater, 2 mini-fridges (stacked), 1 Keurig, 1 Xbox-One 2 1000 watt speakers, 1 Laptop charger, 1 6-foot long Iphone charger, and 5 surge protectors, which tie together all this power directly to 1 outlet. Last but not least, my favorite aspect of the hard trip is is the characters that fill the room, some of the best University of Oregon have to offer.

Madison Paddison, his alias hardtrip.blog name, Lives/Slithers throughout the fraternity handling all our parents money. On the basketball court, he is always whipping up the assists and James Harden-esque drives to the hoop. When MP isn’t on the spending time on the court cheffing up dimes and finesse floaters he’s smoking down on his Juul while studying accounting. He has hair longer than fabio and a six pack stronger than Marky Mark Malberg. let’s move on to the next victim of the hard trip.

Teabowl Macdonald, his alias hardtrip.blog name, Thrives in the bate gang. Continually throwing out wild bating claims or taking T-bowls or a.k.a tobacco only bing rips. Young stunna Teabowl is the type to be flexing in tank tops when its 32° and raining in february. bold voice, bold claims, and even bolder ideas about cryptocurrencies. The dude gets his work done and is always on the beat pussy grind.

Danny Baseball, his alias hardtrip.blog name, Unfortunately needs a better nickname. jThe dude is a dude of all dudes. Big Mafia dude not like the cool kinda Mafia that work in silence murk motherfuckers, but more like the “MAFIA, MAFIA, MAFIA!” Screaming at the top of ya lungs kinda Mafia dude. Green bowls are his preferred smoking method no mokes kinda man. He puts in his due diligence and won the triple their first NBA Championship for our 2k my player so you know its lit.

Can, her alias hardtrip.blog name, she is the first female to join the ranks of membership in the hard trip. she’s a blonde babe that bools around with the triple boys. She’s my alpha phi girl that I met on the first day of freshman year in the dorms. “the girl next door” literally became my gf after a solid year of convincing.

There will be more characters and their stories catch up with on the htb.